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This week we would like to give something back to our list of dedicated traders who are pursuing the goal of becoming profitable traders and mastering their craft. We would like to offer you a free training session as a thank you. The training session is one of our trader Psychology and physiology module.

Our traders who complete this module are genuinely surprised at what they learn and how powerful this information is. We would like you to jump in and grab your copy of the module.


The Trader’s Mind Package. In this package we look at a detailed analysis of the human brain and how it reacts to the pressures of trading. We look at the classic signs of a trader who are struggling with the psychology of trading. We dig a little deeper and show the science behind the processes and the cause and effect. Our next video in the series looks at how to identify the signposts of our thought processes associated with the trading process – it’s all about preparing your mind for trading.


We know why you aren’t making it as a trader


Does this cycle look familiar?


Is there a precise science behind trading success?


How to Fix it?

We took that information and created some practical examples of how to apply these techniques. These visualisation techniques will let you take the science in the last modules and practice it in a way that is both safe and real.

It includes Trading to win which digs into the process to ensure you stay positive.  It will cover how to deal with the inevitable losses associated with trading.  It covers creating trading discipline so you don’t yoyo with your up and downs.  And finally it looks at fear and emotions of trading.  But we aren’t finished because we also created content that will take you into the next step of performing consistently over longer periods of time with Developing the Trader’s Mindset and the Introduction to the 30 day Challenge.

By the end of these modules you will be have taken the theory and have a set of strategies to apply them to the real world of trading. We had some feedback that trader’s still found it difficult to take the plunge so we have extended the course even further.

  • The introduction to Mind Mastery
  • Visualisation Exercise 1- Trade to Win
  • Visualisation Exercise 2- Strength to take the losses
  • Visualisation Exercise 3- Maintaining Discipline
  • Visualisation 4 – Dealing with fear and emotions
  • Developing the Trader’s Mindset
  • Introduction to the 30 day Visualisation Challenge

Now we have a daily guide for the first 8 days of trading when you have finished the other modules.  So we will literally be holding your hand as you make your first steps into a balanced, consistently, successful trading process.

Day 1 – How bad do you want it?

Day 2 – Keeping it simple

Day 3 – Momentum is driving me

Day 4 – If it is to be – It’s up to me!

Day 5 – Accountability

Day 6 – Mental preparation

Day 7 – Focus

Day 8 – Accountability

On top of all of the video content we have thrown in some support documents to ensure you really understand the critical content including in the pack.

So in summary you get the 21 videos and documents that explain the science behind trading psychology in simple easy to understand steps. We provide you with real processes to put the theory into action immediately. We then give you a guide for the first 8 days of trading when you are ready to implement this simple but effective course on trade psychology.

We are calling the whole package the pay it forward system.  Weird right.

Let me take a moment to explain it to you.  The concept is a simple one.  We are providing all of that professional, scientific content for a ridiculous price.  A price that is described in many sales circles as a loss leader.

A loss leader for those of you who don’t understand the term is a product that we will lose money on.  And let me explain why we would do that.  Simple – we want you to be overwhelmed with the quality and the breadth of content so the next time we let you know we have something to offer you will jump at the opportunity.  Of course if you don’t that’s fine but the important thing for now is you win big time.  You get this amazing package of 21 videos for this silly price and we get a chance to showcase the quality of our content.  There is only one thing we request – pay it forward.  We are 100% convinced this course will change your trading process forever.  When it does we would ask that you pay it forward in kind.

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We are really excited to be offering you this package of 21 videos with hours and hours of content and support documents for the ridiculous price of two payments of $49.95.

So click on the add to cart button now and start learning how to master the ultimate tool in your trading kit – your mind.