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What is a Renko Bar Chart? – As you probably know Renko Bars and Charting originated from a Japanese developer, with an objective to only involve price movement, as time and volume are not included. “Renga” is the term originally used meaning brick in Japanese. Our Renko Trading System uses this type of charting to maximize performance and minimize volatility. A renko chart is constructed by placing a brick in the next column once the price goes pass the top or bottom of the previous brick by a predetermined amount. A colored brick can be used when the direction of the trend is up and a different color brick can be used when the trend is down. GMT Futures & FX use their own proprietary colors for the different trends in their renko trading system. This type of chart is very helpful for traders to identify key support/resistance levels. The objective of the renko bars is to take the “noise” out of the charting which you can get with the standard tick charts. In this video our Director of coaching and system design provides an example of our Renko Trading System on the EURUSD currency pair. This renko trading system has been improved giving an average trade net profit of $117 USD. This video is highlighting the trend trading strategy using renko bricks as the charting type. Our Pro Trader Program teaches you how to do things like this Renko trading system which is aimed to help improve your overall performance as a trader. We also allocate trading capital to traders that complete the Multi System Trading Program. Our unique trading program allows you to continue trading from anywhere in the world and be remunerated for your trading services. The days of only following the trend are well and truly out he window, the key to continued success it trading a multi system portfolio. It really will change the way you view the markets and think about trading. We provide more high quality training other than renko trading system videos and updates.
Renko Trading System
Renko Trading System Program
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