Pro Trader Program will you be a full time trader?

Pro Trader Program interest is rising and we have been receiving many emails about what traders have to do to land a full time role, how long does it take, how much does it cost and can we show them how to do it.

They are the same old questions really and a lot of it stems from the industry being jaded from years of marketeers that sell products and services that simply don’t work. We thought we would use this article to explain a little more about why and how we designed The Pro Trader Program and also go a little deeper into our proprietary Automated Trading Systems which can aid you in your quest to becoming a full time trader within our company.

Pro Trader Program top 5 questions asked by you;

  • What is the Pro Trader Program and how much does it cost?
  • What is Automated Trading and how much is it?
  • If they systems work why are you selling them?
  • Is there a guarantee that the systems make money?
  • Do your current traders/members/owners make money?
Pro Trader Program a Prop Trading Course
Pro Trader Program
Let’s cover off on the questions one by one.
  • The Pro Trader Program is a structured learning process for traders wanting to become more professional in their overall approach to trading. It is a 20 module competency based online program which has had a phenomenal success rate using an online integrated one on one Coach/Student learning format. The current price of the Pro Trader Program is $9,995 as at June 2014. We only take a total of 50 new Pro Trader Program students in any calendar year and when that number is reached we close the intake to ensure we are providing adequate service and support to our team of Pro Trader Program members.
  • Automated Trading is for traders who just want to trade in Automation and not manually execute the trades while chart watching. The Pro Trader Program consists of Automated Trading with the addition of the integrated coach student learning format. A trader can purchase the Pro Trader Program which uses the Automated Trading Method and also incorporates a very thorough competency based learning format which is part of the pre-requisite to work within our company and trade an allocation of our capital. The Pro Trader Program includes the Automated Trading Systems as part of the overall package.
  • Yes the systems work if you manage them as per trade plan; we have traders making money consistently however we won’t be selling these systems forever. We have a sales limit on all Automated Trading Systems and this limit will be met when the Pro Trader Program has reached its maximum intake. As soon as we close the Pro Trader Program intake for good we will stop selling the trading systems as well. Therefore once we hit our quota that means there will be no more systems or Pro Trader Programs available.
  • We don’t need to provide a guarantee as we have traders making money consistently from all walks of life and experience levels. Offering a guarantee is unrealistic as we find that lazy traders and or individuals expect the system to just spit out money without putting any effort into the management of the systems are time wasters and the ones wanting a 100% guarantee. We don’t have an urgency to sell systems as our business is built around funds management, not selling systems. We do however feel we have an obligation to give back to this jaded industry as we know how hard it is to make money in the market when you are not consistent and learning to trade. Nonetheless we stated above we will be taking the system out of the market as soon as the Pro Trader Program intake is reached overall, TBA when that is. Until then you can get access to the Pro Trader Program for $9,995 until such time that the Program is no longer available.
  • Yes we have a structured process for traders after they complete the Pro Trader Program and this involves them trading in a live account which is audited by our Investment Board. The aim of our business structure is to provide a process for traders to trade in a more professional environment using our in house structures. The most prominent trading structure is the Emerging Managers Platform which is designed to allocate capital to traders that complete the Pro Trader Program and pay them 80% of the profits.
The aim of our business structure is to produce highly profitable traders using our automated strategies through the Pro Trader Program format. These traders will continue to be supported by our team with ongoing system development long after we close the Pro Trader Program and Automated Trading System sales. These traders are the futures of our Pro Trading Firm and we will continue to support and allocate capital to each and every trader.
  • The only question remaining is do you want to be 1 of the 100 traders?
If you would like more information on the Pro Trader Program and get a better understanding on Prop Trading Structure please contact us today to start your day trading career in Forex, Futures and Stocks. Contact us today Learn more about the Pro Trader Program

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