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Shane Corporate

Director – Coaching and System Design

Shane Fry


Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning)  FNS 50804 (Tier 1 – Derivatives)

Prior to becoming a full-time professional trader and managing system development and propriety trading, Shane worked as an auditor specializing in risk management and loss prevention, a perfect segue into the trading arena. Shane was introduced to trading in the late 90’s and was able to convert his passion into a full time career in late 2000 under the guidance of a Melbourne based private equity trader, acknowledging the necessity for a long term mentor. He spent twelve months in the US after being selected for an Elite options & futures trading internship with Gorge Fontanills.

Shane has previously undertaken several proprietary trading roles within boutique brokerage companies before setting out on his own to trade private equity and build a team of traders.

Over the last 5 years he has created the Pro Trader Program and is focused on developing the trading team to apply their propriety automated trading systems models in real time. Shane has a primary role of trading system development and overseeing the coaching development. His passion for trading is on display daily with the energy and vigor he puts into his responsibilities within the organization.