An opportunity exists to take a share in a market that is ready to explode in the USA. Profiting from improvements to Healthcare and building a passive ongoing income.

You may already be aware of the Health Care Issue that face the US, with rising health care costs, OnDoc is a new company stepping into the healthcare market Offering a low-cost membership users can access a range of medical services for no additional cost.


  • The United States is ready for change.
  • Currently the United States has over 28 million people who have no health insurance and an additional XX million people who have limited health insurance.
  • While these people are obvious target markets for this service OnDoc is already experiencing good penetration in other markets including- Individuals and Families.
  • Soccer Moms: They may or may not have health insurance, but they are time poor and would use the service to resolve time issues but also to provide peace of mind treatment for their family outside of normal consultation hours.
  • Retirees: With a fixed income the rising cost of medical treatment is a real concern. In addition, the convenience of not having to battle with traffic, find a park and potentially reduce their costs of living (prescription discount) these members will enjoy their health being a less central character in their life.
  • Millenniums: Whether they are making a conscious choice to stay avoid health insurance or if they simply can’t afford it OnDoc will provide this market segment with a health option that using their smart device and will travel with them.
  • Dual Income Families: These families may be able to afford health insurance but can’t afford to keep taking time of work to get their family member treatment. OnDoc resolves this issue by allowing members access when it suits them.
  • New Moms: The complexity of a new baby brings nerves about looking after the new family member as well as travelling. OnDoc resolves this problem by providing convenient in the home treatment whenever mom is concerned about the baby.


  • 44 Million people in the USA have no health insurance.
  • Another 38 Million have inadequate health insurance.
  • Telehealth is predicted to be a $21billion industry by 2022.


The medical industry has created a perfect environment for OnDoc success:

  • Expensive insurance
  • Long wait times to book an appointment
  • Long wait times in doctor waiting rooms
  • High co-payments
  • Inconvenient appointment times
  • Expensive pharmaceutical prescriptions


OnDoc will remedy all these issues by providing a single low-cost subscription model that includes the following services regardless of the user having insurance or not:

  • Telehealth. Using a smart device, laptop or computer (or just a phone if the customer doesn’t have another device) members can access a U.S. board-certified physician 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service has current wait times of 10 mins. During this consultation the doctor can diagnose and treat 70% of the illnesses that are currently being treated by a traditional doctor / hospital service. In addition, the doctor will send the details of your treatment to a nominated primary care physician.
  • Pharmacy. If a doctor (including an OnDoc physician) writes a member a script, they can use any of the 65000 pharmacies to access a discount on average 45%. This discount is obtained using an On-Doc pharmacy card.
  • Online Specialists. Members can seek professional advice from a range of medical and paramedical specialists to get advice about any of their other health concerns. Accessed via email these services include but are not limited to: dietician, psychologist, dentist, physiotherapist etc.
  • Health Advocacy. If members need hospital treatment the Health Advocates will provide independent advice on obtaining these services in the affordable manner. If a member already has medical bills, they will work with the service provider to have these expenses reduced.

An all-inclusive, no additional costs (including no co-pay) model will make OnDoc a disruptive service in the medical industry.


 MediInvest is seeking funding to acquire funding for two purposes:

  1. To acquire equity shares in the company OnDoc (Equity)
  2. To market the OnDoc service to potential customers which will attract a recurrent referral commission from OnDoc. (Marketing)


OnDoc is a disruptive healthcare service in the United States.

Equity: Given the company is in pre-launch there has been minimal marketing, yet there has been organic growth in product interest and memberships levels highlighting the appetite for the product in the marketplace.
Marketing: Using a range of marketing methodologies (from social media campaigns, ground sales teams and traditional marketing) MediInvest will build a large number of OnDoc users that will pay a recurrent commission to investors.

Risk is mitigated through via diversification of investment via equity and marketing to acquire recurrent commission payment. 

Competitor Analysis:  This is a comparison of telehealth services only.  OnDoc offers 4 services for their low monthly price.


Est Number of Employees:

Key Persons:


Market Share:



Jason Gorevic (CEO)

A+ on BBB




Rich Berner (CEO)

7.9 (Trust Pilot)




Hill Ferguson (CEO)

F on BBB




Bill Gossman (CEO)

3.3 (Trust Pilot)


Price: Non-member-

$49 per consult

Individual Member Plan-

$39/consult +

$2.99/month or


Family Member Plan- $30/consult +

$4.99/month or

$49.99/year (up to 9

family members)


$75 or less


$99 or less


-$259 initial consult

-$99 follow-up visit


-$69 initial consult


Medical Doctor

-$75 for a 15 min consult


-$79 / 25 min consult

-$119 / 50 min consult Psychiatry

-$229 / 45 min initial consult

-$99 / 15 min follow-up visit

HealthTap Prime

(Unlimited Plan)- $99/

month + $10 for

additional family


HealthTap Concierge

- consult with

Specialists / $49 per


Difference: Teledoc provides an excellent level of service however the cost for an average family is significantly higher.  On average US citizens visit a doctor 4 times a year for a family of 4 this will represent 16 consultations.

Non-member: $784

Family (monthly): $539.88

Family (annual): $529.99

OnDoc: $360.00


MDLive service has established itself as an effective service provider however it is much more expensive.


Family: $1200.00

OnDoc: $360.00

Doctor on Demand’s current consumer rating is less than ideal.  It also represents an expensive option.


Family: $1200.00

OnDoc: $360.00

HealthTap’s current consumer rating is less than ideal.  It also represents a more expensive option.


Family: $1188

OnDoc: $360.00


Important OnDoc Milestones:

Registered:  February 2018

Commences trade:  August 2018

Fully funded for launch:  October 2018

Obtains the first 500 customers: February 2019

Scheduled for launch: April/May 2019

20,000 members: End of Year 2019

Release of first annual dividend: Q2 2021


A different remunerative model is available for charities, church group and not for profit organizations.  Adequately incentivized these groups will use their considerable influence on their followers and adherents to encourage OnDoc membership.

The benefits are as following to members:

  • Provision of affordable health care services to their followers
  • Access to services that compliment their offerings like psychologists.

The benefits to the organizations:

  • $10 per member per month
  • Consistent and reliable income as opposed to traditional high energy / single return events (eg. cake stalls)
  • Growth potential of income as members refer to their own circle or friends and family.
  • No cost to maintain services

Discussions have begun to engage these types of organizations and initial conversations suggest there is an appetite for these outcomes.


Given the remunerative model for referral will yield a recurring income of $5 per member referred OnDoc has attracted considerable interest from this sector.  As a result, without commencing any form of formalized marketing there are almost 4000 members already.  In the figures outlined below you will note this was the target figure for the first 12 months (Dec 19) was 7962 members but the company is close to achieving 50% this value already (prior to launch).



Ondoc is an ongoing concern that is fully funded (refer to financial data in appendix a).

Therefore these funds are not to enable company launch, rather they will be used for contributing toward the planned expenditure.

50% of funds raised will be used for acquisition of OnDoc equity.  This company is currently valued at $24Million with expectation the company value will rise quickly after April and launch.  As an offer was made to the management of mediInvest prior to the latest valuation the owner (valued at $10Million Oct 18) will continue to offer the equity rate based on the previous investment value (2%).  As a result on acquisition the value of the share will immediately double.  Given company value has risen by 220% investors may expect significant capital gains in future.

Dividends will be payable Q2 2021 at a rate of 30% net profit.   Estimated profit for 2021 is $12Million.  If a 30% dividend is paid ($3.6Million) a 2% value for this return is $72,000.  This represents a 28% return on investment annually.  Outbound years represent significantly higher returns.

50% of funds will be used for the purpose of marketing to potential members.  This process will be managed by Webmate in conjunction with US marketing agencies and feature online and offline strategies.  A commission rate for these users is set at $5 user/month.  Cost of acquisition is estimated at $50 per user.  At a value capital value of $250,000 it is anticipated that 5000 members (over a 6-month period) will be signed to OnDoc generating a monthly return of $25,000.

Given incremental growth we anticipate this will yield an additional $75 000 which will be used over the next six (6) month period for additional marketing to complete the initial 12-months.    A target of 6,500 members / customers has been set.

With a three for free incentive we estimate an averaged referral value of 2.1x members taking the total of 6,500 to 13,650 members.  At $5 per month this will realise a monthly value of $68,250.  While we expect continuous organic growth of members which will expand return this is a difficult figure to accurately estimate and has been ignored below.

At the end of 2020 we anticipate making our first return to investors.  A combined dividend and commission payment valued at QQ representing a ROI of RR%.

The following is the anticipated return on investment for the group.

Q1 2021 Q2 2021 Q3 2021 Q4 2021 Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3 2022 Q4 2022
Commission $68,250 $68,250 $68,250 $68,250 $68,250 $68,250 $68,250 $68,250
Dividend nil $18,000 $18,000 $18,000 $18,000 $24,900 $24,900 $24,900
Total Value: $692,700


This represents a 138% yield on commission and dividends alone.


Company value.  By the end of 2022 is the company meets expected growth patterns the value of equity is expected to be approximately $160Million.   This would represent a 800% growth in value.


Q4 2022 would represent the first opportunity to sell your equity back to the group unless the company becomes publicly listed before hand.