Gold Trend Trading System Volatility High

Gold Trend Trading has been an increasingly popular choice of market and trading style so far in 2014.

This Gold Trend Trading Futures Automated Trading system has been turned off recently after hitting it’s max drawdown. It bounced back quickly and met the mandatory requirements and has since been turned back on with continued positive results. Some of the key Statistics from this Gold Trend Trading strategy on Gold Futures which uses a 377 tick bar are as followed; The system is called Gold Trend Trading SN380, max drawdown $1,500USD which occurred over a few trading days in a row. The actual real time max drawdown went over expectations slightly at $1,900 which can happen. Volatility in Gold Futures was previously low but has increased in the last few days and we are now in a bullish move around 1200 to 1250 looking for a 1400 retest level. We need a strategy that has a good reward to risk which is the SN380 Trading Strategy on Gold Futures. Volatility has increase and this strategy has picked that up and is making some good trading returns.

Gold Trend Trading System SN380 Review

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