Gold Futures Selling Off – Offering Great Profit On Our Automated Systems

Gold Futures is selling off hard after breaking from a longer term period of consolidation between 1803 resistance and 1539 support.

This has been the catalyst for increased volatility and a time for us to be examining our automated trading options including market selection.  In this Gold Futures video we take a look at Momentum system Number 5 – trading on Gold.  This automated strategy has produced an impressive 13k over the last 4 and half months and will be one market and system we will continue to work with. As part of the GMT Futures processes we use systems that have the following;
  • A good reward to risk
  • Average Trade Net Profit of above $50USD as a minimum
  • Win rate of 40% or above
  • An even balance between long and short trades
  • A drawdown that is within the trading mandate
  • A multi System Strategy must be used

Gold Futures Trading Video Sell Off Review

We have a trading team that has been built around sound risk management and a Multi System Strategy method. It is with this foundation that we have been able to build a successful and large Emerging Managers Trading Platform which allows us to allocate capital to traders who complete the Pro Trader Program. As part of the program you will learn about Gold Futures and what trading system to use when a market is selling off and in combination with which systems or markets. We do more than just focus on the Gold Futures market and you will be very impressed with the learning material you will be working with, not to mention your own professional online trading coach.
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Gold Futures Trading
If you would like to join our team and capture some of the profits on offer in today’s futures markets and want to undertake the Pro Trader Program to learn more about Gold Futures Trading please feel free to contact us on the link below. Contact us Gold Futures Trading today Click here

Gold Futures Trading Learn More through video

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