Gold Futures Low Volatility Trading

Gold Futures Trading can be lucrative with high volatility usually. What happens when there is low volatility?

Well you trade the range style trading system of course!!. Lets take a look at what strategy works well on Gold Futures in this period where there is a smaller range of movement and a lower volatility. After going back through our system library and checking which systems have been trading through the low volatility during a previous period in the same type of market conditions we noted a couple of good system in Gold Futures.
Gold Futures Low Volatility
Gold Futures Low Volatility and Range Bound
The automated trading strategy you see in this video is the momentum which uses dynamic support and resistance as the indicator to enter long or short which is explained further in the video. The other indicators used are the MACD and the linear regression curves for extra confirmation and to filter out poor signals. We need the MACD to be trading above the line for bullish entry and below for bearish entry. Back in March 2014 there was low volatility in Gold Futures which is where this system performance well. This tick setting is a bit smaller that on most of our system with an 89 tick used which means charts move a bit quicker and requires less movement to get in a trade.

Gold Futures Trading Video Momentum Low Volatility Review

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Gold Futures Learn More through video

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