Gold Futures Failed Trend Trader T1 and T2

Gold Futures Trading using the Failed Trend Trader system is a great automated trading system for your multi system portfolio as it works in conjunction with the Trend Trader System.

The example in this video is on Gold Futures and a Buy Entry Set up using an 89 share bar on the Failed Trend Trader. We are looking for a minimum move before we can get a set up. A Failed Trend is when price breaks through support and doesn’t go anywhere, we are then looking for the next move before we enter the market which we show you in the video.
Gold Futures Failed Trend Trader
Gold Futures Failed Trend Trader
The stop loss is normally a few points below our swing low for a buy trade set up. The risk to reward is weighted in the rewards favour as normal procedure for all GMT Futures trading strategies. In this example we risk $60 so the reward is a minimum $180 1:3 risk to reward. A trailing stop can be quite rewarding especially if you are trading multiple Gold Futures contracts. You can have multiple set ups in the Gold Futures market in the one day and in this video we highlight these moves using the Failed Trend Trader System. The T2 set up is similar and again we give you an example on Gold Futures and it can actually be traded as a natural hedge at the same time as T1 using the same Gold Futures market and in the same session. This is all key components of the Pro Trader Program learning modules and material.

Gold Futures Failed Trend Trading Free Training Video

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