Gold Futures Cycle Trader 1 tick increase

Gold Futures Cycle Trader in this liquid market has had a small adjustment to enable the profit to double in return.

It is only a single 1 tick change in the size of the tick chart from 89 to 90 but it doubles profit. This is the CT140 cycle trader system on Gold Futures. It has had a small drop off in the last week but that is inline with the expectation. Average Trade Net Profit is a lot larger than the 89 tick which is great for the cycle trader with a minimum requirement of $50 to be able to trade it live. Overall Drawdown is also less at $1,385.
Gold Futures Tick Chart increase
Gold Futures Tick Chart increase 1 tick
The key to a Gold Futures Cycle Trader is to have it trading with a combination of systems of what we refer to as a multi system strategy to enhance the potential profit and reduce the overall drawdown while smoothing our the equity curve. The Pro Trader Program teaches you how to manage these key components in a very specific Risk Management module which your coach will walk you through.

Gold Futures Cycle Trading Video with a 1 tick increase in chart size

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