The V2 Trend Trader is a trading system designed to profit from a trending market environment. The V2 Trend Trader uses propriety indicators to time both entry and exits to best capitalise any given trending move.



  • Trade markets with a fully automated trading system.
  • Profit from established trends without getting whipsawed.
  • Recognize high probability set ups.
  • The system provides full comprehensive backtesting and analysis.
  • Choose from dozens of high performance trading plans to implement immediately – these plans are updated weekly by our very own Pro Traders.
  • Use the systems to create a multi-system strategy & portfolio to manage risk and improve your profit potential.

The Trend Trader identifies both long and short trending opportunities across multiple timeframes using our proprietary support and resistance algorithm.

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Screenshots – Crude Oil Futures Sell Entry

In the example above our trend trader system has triggered a sell based on a break of our dynamic proprietary support. We have a number o trailing stop and take profit filters within the GMT V2 Trend Trader System. The trade example here has a trailing stop using our TP trailing stop netting out for a nice profit on the session.

EURSD Buy Setup – Renko Chart

Here is another example of the versatility of the V2 Trend Trader Elite. Here we see the Trend Trader Elite taking a buy entry on the EURUSD using Renko charts. The strategy works exceptionally well with Renko charts as they do a fantastic job of clearing up price action and removing much of the noise we see in the FX markets.

Crude Oil 233 tick chart Long Entry

Here is another great example of the GMTV2 Trend Trader.  This time our setup is long on Crude Oil trading a 233 tick chart.  We have two additional filters in play during this setup and entry.  They are the GMT Chop Indicator and our GMT MACD B.  Both indicators are used within our strategy to assist in defining a market that is Trending with momentum.

233 tick on Crude Oil – my favourite chart to trade

Two setups occur on our 233 tick chart in this example first we are long then transition nicely into a short setup. Both confirmed by our momentum filters which keep us out of the short term reversal setups.


Starting with the Trend Trader system is a great way to take advantage of higher reward lower risk trading. The market is in a constant state of change moving between different phases. This is why you need different trading systems to capitalise on the varying phases of the market.

The key to profitable trading is defining the market conditions. By learning the phases of the market and being able to identify what market phase you are in you will be able to trade any phase of the market using a Multi-system strategy. The following graphic illustrates some of the trading setups and the different market stages where they take place.

Within our GMTV2 Trend Trader Elite Strategy we have multiple filters to identify when we should be trading the trend. These include:

  • Market Directional Filter & Indicator
  • Higher Timeframe Filter & Indicator
  • Momentum Filter & Indicator
  • MACD Bollinger Band Indicator and Filter
  • Trend strength Indicator and Filter
  • Volatility Measure – Indicator and Filter


  • GMT V2 Dynamic Support & Resistance
  • GMTV2 Moving Average
  • GMT Super Smoother
  • GMT Paint bar Trend Indicator
  • GMT R Tracker
  • Key Level Indicator
  • GMTV2 Take Profit Indicator
  • GMT MACD BB indicator
  • GMT Chop Indicator
  • GMT Market Directional Indicator

These filters give our GMT Traders the tools to be able to define the market phase and secondly identify the strength of the trend.



This is the most popular strategy within our current system library as well as being an easy system to use.  Our Trend Trader Strategy is designed to pick up the trend breakouts that occur when price breaks our dynamic support and resistance indicators.  Our proprietary strategy clearly identifies a trend breakout buy printing white candles or price bars for a sell or short setup and cyan (light blue) candles or price bars for a long or buy setup.


As a new trader joining GMT Futures our initial goal will be to build your knowledge base.  We do this by taking you through the beginner or new trader program.  Once you have built a solid foundation our next step is to teach you our first system, the Trend Trader.  The Trend Trader is our easiest system to learn and it is very simple to master.


Intermediate or advanced traders are usually looking to improve their trading performance or add diversification
to their existing strategies. If you fit into one of these two categories then we will definitely be able to
help you achieve consistent performance with your trading using multiple system strategies and automation.
The GMTV2 process involves us training you to master one system at a time. You will quickly find that
our training and the simplicity of our systems combined with the strategy automation means you will
be able to track and trade the multiple strategies with ease.


Within our GMT System Library we have multiple strategies designed to give you the trader an opportunity to trade multiple markets, timeframes and strategies. More experienced traders are using these strategies to apply a multi-system approach to their trading, in some cases trading multiple markets to apply comprehensive portfolio diversification.

As traders we know that market conditions change quickly and that one system or strategy will not work all of the time. A proven approach is to have the ability to apply multiple trading strategies to offer diversification and decrease our risk exposure.


According to Jack Schwager, Author of Schwager on Futures and the bestselling book Market Wizards:
“Diversification should be extended to systems as well as markets. Ideally the greatest degree of diversification would be achieved by using multiple systems trading multiple markets.”
The true advantage to the multisystem strategy and approach is that combining systems allows us to potentially reduce our overall drawdown while improve our net profit.


The graphic pictured right gives us an insight into the different market phases we can expect during our trading session.

This highlights the need to ensure you have the right system for the market conditions you are trading. It also illustrates that a multi-system strategy allows traders more opportunity to take advanatge and profit from these multiple market phases.

A quick screen grab of our Market Directional Indicator

Again showing a solid breakout with the indicator identify a bullish trend for our Trend Trader System


Is the system fully automated? +

Yes. The system is fully automated and you can see exactly when and how the trade setups are being triggered. There is comprehensive training manual as to the methodology behind each trading setup.

What markets can I trade? +

You can run the systems on any market or timeframe as long as the market has suitable volume and volatility. You don’t want to be trading markets that have thin volume and very little movement with the GMTV2 Trend Trader Elite.

Do you have any settings or trade plans that the system is currently working on? +

We actually track these systems weekly and have a Top 5 that we monitor for the Trend Trader System. Once you become a member you will be able to download the current workspaces and trade it yourself based on your personal objectives.

How much is the Trend Trader? +

You have the option to either lease the system or purchase the system outright. The cost of 1 system through GMT Futures is $4,995 for the lifetime licence. The monthly lease for the system is $195 per month or $1995 per annum.

How do I get Access to multiple trading systems? +

You can purchase the multi-system package for $9995 which provides you access to 3 trading systems. This package is referred to as Multi-System Pro trader Package. Once you own this package you can pay a monthly Platinum membership of $295 to access all 25 trading systems. This then unlocks every system we have and allows you access to all new systems as long as you maintain your platinum membership.
1 system = $4,995
3 system Multi-system package $9,995 (1 month free platinum membership valued at $295 – unlocks all 25 systems)

Is there a payment plan? +

Yes please contact Shane@gmtfutures.com to discuss this option.

Can I buy 1 system and do the Platinum membership? +

Yes you can and that will give you access to all systems however if your membership stops you only own 1 system and you will lose access to our system library which is growing monthly.

Why are the systems prices like that? +

Because they work in real-time and we can prove it with our live track record.

Is this just another trend trading indicator which gets whipsawed to death? +

No this is a fully automated trading strategy that is fully disclosed to the owner and you have the proprietary algorithm to establish high probability trending opportunities.

I am a new trader can I still use the automated system? +

This is really the best way to start.

How much trading time is required to achieve good results? +

That will depend on your availability. Some of our systems only take 1 trade per week and have produced excellent results so the system can be customised to suit your time schedule and they are fully automated.

What timeframe should I trade? +

That will depend on your availability. Some of our systems only take 1 trade per week and have produced excellent results so the system can be customised to suit your time schedule and they are fully automated.