GMT V2 Trend Trader

This is the most popular strategies and is one of the simplest. Our V2 Trend Trader Strategy is designed to pick up the trending opportunities that occur over a number of markets. Our proprietary strategy clearly identifies a trend buy printing white candles or price bars for a sell or short set-up and Cyan Candles or price bars for a long or buy set-up. Once our propriety dynamic support and resistance are broken the trend trader is activated to take the trade. The V2 Trend Trader uses our GMT Support and Resistance propriety indicators to time both entry and exits to best capitalise any given trending move. We have recently upgraded the GMT V2 Trend Trader to include the Trend Trader Elite. This new strategy includes all of the features of the original GMT V2 Trend Trader with additional entry and exit filters to allow traders to hone in on high probability trend setups.

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