GMT V2 Renko Hybrid

The GMTV2 Renko Hybrid is the complete trading system designed to profit from all market conditions. The GMTV2 Renko Hybrid uses propriety indicators to time both entry and exits to best capitalise any given trending move. It also uses the Renko Charts to clean up price action.

Benefits of Using the GMTV2 Renko Hybrid

  • Trade markets with a fully automated trading system.
  • Profit from established trends without getting whipsawed.
  • Recognize high probability set ups.
  • The system provides full comprehensive backtesting and analysis.
  • Choose from dozens of high performance trading plans to implement immediately – these plans are updated weekly by our very own Pro Traders.
  • Use the systems to create a multi-system strategy & portfolio to manage risk and improve your profit potential.
The system identifies both long and short trending opportunities across multiple timeframes using our proprietary support and resistance algorithm.

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