Sit back, relax and enjoy the live training with our very own FX trade whisperer, Jeff Arcos. Jeff will be demonstrating, on a daily basis, his proprietary trading systems live and in real-time.
Unlike other live signal rooms, this is all about giving you the knowledge and power to trade with a consistent edge.
Within a short time you will be able to make confident trading decisions without relying on someone else to call your trades. You will possess the strategy and skills to trade and fulfil your dream of being a successful trader.

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Please remember this is not a live signal service. We are all about Trading Education.

It’s not just about teaching you the strategy, we will also cover:

  • Building a traders mindset;
  • Money management – geometric growth;
  • Scaling into trades to reduce risk.

Better still we also will share with you how to efficiently manage your time in the markets to ensure you’re getting more free time back.

The live virtual trading room is a critical component to learning and mastering Jeff’s FX strategies. Recorded daily sessions are also available within our member’s area.

Here are the benefits for you in our Live Training Room:

  • Full Access to the online LIVE Trading room – Online from the comfort of your home or office.
  • 3 days access to watch Jeff analyse the charts using his proprietary Strength Index Metre,
  • Learning the weekly candle close strategy;
  • Lean what to trade from the strength metre watchlist
  • When to trade
  • How to trade (S.T.E.M.)
  • W.C.C. trading plan
  • How to use the power of trade automation to eliminate the emotion from your trading.
  • Power entry and exit automation tools that ensure you are consistent with your trade execution.
  • Money and risk management strategies to limit the amount of time you trade, limit risk, and maximize your profits
  • A live chat window where you can ask Jeff questions and get them answered in a professional and respectful manner
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Are you ready to jump in and start using this complete trading system package?

Whether you trade Forex or Futures (or want to trade both!), there’s a market and time for you on a regular basis.

Getting started is easy:


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  2. Watch live and in real time how Jeff’s trading Strategies identify high probability trades on Futures, FX and Stocks.

Please ensure you watch the following video before coming into the live trading room.



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