Gasoline Trend Trading Update

Gasoline Trend Trading is current performing very well due to the favorable market conditions and trading system settings. If you are currently looking to do some Gasoline Trend Trading and you have TradeStation as your charting set up you are in a great position to be able to join the Pro Trader Program. Managing the trading systems as part of the Pro Trader Program is going to become quite easy very soon.
Gasoline Trend Trading
Gasoline Trend Trading

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The Team at GMT Futures are almost ready for the beta testing of the automated system tracking website. This website which is for Platinum Members only will allow you to use the TradeStation charting packing yet execute to any number of brokers should you choose to do that. The best thing is that the FX traders will be able to use TradeStation to generate the automated trading signals and if they choose to, execute through an MT4 broker. Each Platinum Member will have their own personal login where they can track any system in real time and see the statitics in real time. When you adjust a system setting the previous trade history stays the same, this makes sure you are not curve fitting and the results of the system are real time. It will obviously be for more than just Gasoline Trend Trading.

Gasoline Trend Trading Learn More through video

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