EURUSD Breakout Trading Strategy Review May 2014

EURUSD Breakout Trading System is again in Profit at the end of the month, this time May 2014.

This EURUSD Breakout Trading System uses a 55 tick chart. The system style is to look for the market to break support or resistance and take a trade on that breakout for example the EURUSD Breakout in this video review. In this free forex trading video on the EURUSD Breakout we use a 64 tick stop and a target of 150 pips. Since January 2014 this EURUSD Breakout system has has an Average Trader Net Profit of $145 l and 55% win rate. The trading commission are built into the performance and the overall drawdown is $2,344 which is actually higher than our normal forex system. With this in mind and if you are trading a smaller account dont for you can trade mini lots if required which is $1 a pip rather than the standard lot 100,000 of $10 a pip.

EURUSD Breakout Trading System Video review

The overall Profit Factor is 2.27 which is within the minimum requirements for a GMT Futures automated trading strategy, which is the same for this EURUSD Breakout strategy.
EURUSD Breakout Trading Strategy
EURUSD Breakout Trading Strategy
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