EuroBund Futures Trading recap February 2016

Eurobund Futures Trading Pen 20 is an automated trading strategy which has been performing very well.

It is part of the high performance system portfolio which all Pro Trader Program members are requested to create. This particular EuroBund Futures Trading systems is based off the Breakout Strategy that is proprietary to GMT Futures. The systems itself is available to anybody that is in the Pro Trader Program and is the flag ship automated trading program at GMT Futures. The objective of the Pro Trader Program is to trade liquid markets just like the EuroBund and generate a live trading track record that can be used to gain a capital allocation within our trading structures. The best thing about this program which is evident from the feedback we get is the fact that it is tailored to suit your availability, experience and also the time zone you live in because it is 100% online.

EuroBund Futures Trading Video Review 2016 so far (February)

For more information on how to become a GMT Futures & FX automated trader within the pro trader program please contact us today. We are online now if you want to use the chat feature on the website, we can discuss more about EuroBund Futures Trading if you like.
EuroBund Futures Trading
EuroBund Futures Trading
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