Crude Oil Review 2015 – 3min Breakout Strategy

Crude Oil review for 2015 using our Breakout Trading Strategy, all automated of course.

As you well know Crude Oil has sold off way down to a touch below $30 a barrel as of close of trading today. As Day traders we take advantage of this type of move and in this particular free trading article on trading crude oil we review our trading for the year of 2015. What a year it has been for Crude Oil with OPEC putting pressure on the smaller oil rigs and companies globally by turning up production which has played a part in reducing the cost per barrel. This hurts the bottom line for USA oil companies when cost of production for them is closer to $60-65 per barrel. Fundamentals aside GMT Futures and their automated trading team have several automated trading systems that compete in most market conditions, including this volatile Crude Oil Market. So lets take a look at the 2015 review in the video below.

Crude Oil Breakout Review 2015

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Crude Oil Contact Us Today
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