Coffee Trend Trader drawdown tracker

Coffee Trend Trader is trading well but how do we track the current “Drawdown”?.

We can use the data window which allows us to use the A Tracker to track the system drawdown. We know that this Coffee Trend Trader system is a maximum of $2600 so far, we have to keep an eye on that. The A Tracker will show you in the data window your systems current drawdown on a daily basis so you know where you are at in real time. If it hits the maximum drawdown we shut the system down until market conditions and performance are back at the required level, see Coffee Trend Trader example in this video. Using the Coffee Trend Trader can be rewarding but it is quite volatile too, we had 2 trades today and less brokerage we made $1,162 from the 2 trades.

Coffee Trend Trader Video – Track Your Max Drawdown

If you would like more information on the Pro Trader Program and get a better understanding on Coffee Trend Trader or how to track your systems drawdown please contact us today to start your day trading career in Forex, Futures and Stocks. Remember that GMT Futures have the full Prop Trading Pathway with capital for allocation after the Pro Trader Program.
Coffee Trend Trader
Coffee Trend Trader
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