Coffee Trading System Results for April 2014

Coffee Trading System for Day Traders has continued on its winning run with a great couple of trading days to end April 2014 trading. The Coffee trading system has performed so well that it now holds the record for the most profit out of the Coffee futures market in 1 month of trading using a single contract. Traders looking to see the value of running a Multi System Trading Strategy should look no further than this month’s performance of our GMT Futures automated systems, in particular our Multi System Strategy on Coffee Trading. Related Coffee Trading Articles Several of our Pro Traders jumped on-board and traded this Coffee Trading System in April and are reaping the rewards. Our traders have had the opportunity to select one or more of our high performance automated systems (including this Coffee Trading System) and April proved to be a recording breaking month for Coffee Futures, so let’s take a look at how the systems performed:
  • System 1 – Fib Trader Longs only April Profit $12,750
  • System 2 – Fib Trader Shorts only April Profit $2,062.00
  • System 3 – Reversal Strategy Longs and Shorts April Profit $9,187.00
Coffee Trading Multi Systems
Coffee Trading Multi Systems

Coffee Trading Review Fib Trader

  Individually all system performed exceptionally well with the standout being system 1. However when we combine these systems into a Coffee Trading Multi System Strategy the results are outstanding. The Fib trader was originally constructed through our development team with some fantastic input from Ross Jardine who is a Pro Trader Program member. The total profit delivered for the month of April 2014 was $23,999.50 trading 1 single contract which is outstanding. If you would like to join our team and capture some of the profits on offer in today’s futures markets please feel free to contact us on the link below.

Coffee Trading Learn More through video

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