Coffee Futures Share Bar Trend Trading Performance

Coffee Futures Trend Trader is on top of the best performing systems in the Coffee Futures Market and also overall for May 2014.

This months performance has also pushed it into the Top 10 systems overall which has been quite hard to crack since February. This Coffee Futures Trend Trader system is FT04 using a 75 Share bar which has worked brilliantly perhaps because of the volatility from the supply and demand issues in Brazil. Our daily chart is clearly still showing a long trend with significant volatility for this time of year. There is some thought that the earlier 2014 drought like conditions in Brasil have caused higher coffee prices as seasonally coffee is typically in a down trend or sell off at this time of the year. Although we are not using a fundamental trading strategy or method so therefore all that matters is our technical point of view. Coffee Futures has given us ample opportunity to get in and take profit that is how we trade and how we will continue to trade the markets in particular coffee futures. The past few trades have been long trades making us positive for the Month $20k+. This system has now rocketed to the top of the best systems in the Top 10 systems at GMT Futures. If you are trading this system currently with the Pro Trader Program, we are now on the September Coffee Futures contract KCU14 which started today.

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