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    For those members actively trading and learning about the Gold market this is our group chat

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    This group is for those using automated trading systems in tradestation

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    This group has been set up to explore possible trading ideas and strategies.

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    Trading Crude Oil Futures

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    General Forex Currency trading Group

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    This is the group chat for GMT FX live.

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    This group has been set up for our Pro Traders

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    Trading ideas for Cryptocurrencies

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GMT Futures and Forex is a company forging the way forward with automated online trading software with over 16 years of combined system development and trading education experience for our clients. Our Vision GMT Futures and Forex is committed to helping traders achieve success with automated online futures and forex trading. Based in Brisbane, Australia, GMT Futures was founded in 2009 to improve the education and capital allocation process between high quality traders and qualified International investors looking for alpha. GMT Futures and Forex are now focusitng more on the core elements of producing best practice automated trading systems and education. Our Pro Traders Academy is the perfect incubator for learning the craft of trading with success.


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in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 8 – Performance is measured daily That was AWESOME-maybe the best video yet for me in this challenge. I love the idea of being a millimetre or two away from success/certainty and can use the technique of changing my body position to change my mind and my attitude. Twelve step programs refer to “acting as if,” a variation of this idea, where you act as if you are happy, confident, successful or whatever that eventually it will become so for you. “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” Mark P, California

Mark P May 31

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