Traders – A great Video on the 5 Second Rule

Hi Traders,   This is not something I would normally post on this blog but I thought it was a great video to share particularly as we are coming into a new near.  It is a great opportunity to use some of the science behind changing habits and creating new…
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Renko Trading – Short Setup Crude Oil Futures

  Hi Traders, In today’s post we are looking at a Continuation 50 trade setup on Crude Oil Futures. More specifically we are looking at at short sell setup on the Continuation 50 trade. One of the biggest advantages to this specific trade setup is that it enables traders to…
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Traders Daily Motivation – Retrain Your Mind

Hi Traders, Another great reminder for us all that showing up every day and working on our passion is the key to moving closer to success. Have an awesome day. Shane Fry Director of Coaching & System Development GMTFutures & FX

Motivation – Day Traders

Hi Traders, In keeping for the theme of using motivation to keep us moving forward, today’s video is a little longer but great for providing a little clarity. “Without self-discipline success is impossible, period.” I hope you enjoy the video and have an excellent day.   Regards   Shane Fry Director…
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VWAP Profiting From The Basic Crossover Strategy – Day Traders

By GMT Futures In this series of articles we are going to focus on building a system using the VWAP as our main indicator.  However before we jump in and start looking at the make-up of the first of our baseline systems you should have already read the first of…
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Multi-System Strategy – Renko Hybrid Crude Oil Futures Shows Great Profit

Crude Oil Futures trading can be challenging particular with the current geopolitical environment. The Crude Oil Futures market does present some great trading opportunities and our Pro Traders at GMT Futures have identified several systems that are tracking exceptionally well. The newest of our automated trading systems is our GMT…
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Renko Hybrid V2 New Equity Highs – Trend Trader S&P400

Hi Traders,   Just thought I would share with you our latest updated video on the S&P400.  this is a great alternative market for those looking for a smaller that provides some great opportunities throughout the trading day.  In this video I have focused on trading day and reviewed the…
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VWAP Indicator – Day traders should be using it

By Shane Fry Looking for the little extra edge with your trading, well look no further as the VWAP indicator is here and we have a customized a version for you to download FREE.  But first let’s walk through some of the benefits of using the VWAP and get a…
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Traders Motivational Video – Improve Your Mind

Hi Traders,   This is one video that is worth watching once a month just to keep that motivation running.   Hope you enjoy the video.  Have a great day.   Cheers   Shane