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    Multi System Trading

    A market generally only trends 15-20% of the time, so what trading system are you using for the rest of the time? It better not be the trend!!!! Check out the Multi System Trading News

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    Pro Traders Academy

    Fast track the learning process and complete the program as fast as you want. Only $995 upfront, then just $295 a month for the period of your training only - Saving you $9,000!!

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    We love seeing traders succeed and we are more than happy to offer the first training session in module 1 of the Pro Trader Program for free. Just mention that you came to this website and email your contact details.

Feedback from our Online Traders

From all parts of the world trading our Online Trading Strategies

  • Hi Shane, Thanks for a great few days. You make a great tutor!! Your guidance is terrific. Brett G.
    Brett G
    - Aircraft Consultant
  • Wow! what a great eye opening journey through some simple life changing techniques to some very tough personal questions. Thanks GMT, the last 30 day has helped me in renewing my traders mindset in a way i wouldn’t have been able to do, before this challenge. Nick.
    Nick P
    - Contractor
  • Pro- Trader Program – 30 Day Challenge For a long time i thought i could win this battle (Trading) on my own, until i became a member of the GMT team and realized that you need to be a part of a team that can guide you inch by inch in the right direction.
    Nick P
  • people are creatures of habbit and so is the market. as a pro trader i don’t really care what those repetative vibrations are as long as i watch those vibrations and profit from them. we are also part of that energy in the market and we need to track that energy because if there is no energy in the market there is no market to trade. in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 29 – Reflecting on Our Journey Stef
    Stef V
  • in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 26 – The difference between winning and losing Part 2. I like it and grateful to be part of this team.It’s good to have a coach who has been through the highs and lows of trading. Someone we can ask upon for advice and knowledge to get better and become a successful trader as himself. Stephen
    Stephen C
  • in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 30 – Congratulations on Completing the 30 Day Challenge Daily taking small steps of improving my trading business and myself are the key to my success thanks GMT. Dave New Zealand
    Dave L
  • in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 6 – Mental Preparation Having a mentor in life’s journey is definitely “an edge ” ,Evan has a great mental approach to his work. Hi Shane, gees Shane with my limited time i have these days to backtest a market it’s a pleasure to do with the automation and I have just gone through the exercise of deciding weather to go long or short for a certain period of the year and obviously staying out when the historical data tells me too and i have had a look on a few markets and the results are very impressive then once i install the days of trade even better well done keep up the good GMT and keep coding michael your doing a great job !!
    Stef V
  • in response to: Visualisation Challenge Day 8 – Performance is measured daily That was AWESOME-maybe the best video yet for me in this challenge. I love the idea of being a millimetre or two away from success/certainty and can use the technique of changing my body position to change my mind and my attitude. Twelve step programs refer to “acting as if,” a variation of this idea, where you act as if you are happy, confident, successful or whatever that eventually it will become so for you. “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” Mark P, California
    Mark P
  • Hi Shane - yes, enjoying the process...very enlightening and equally as excited to press into to the systems/money mgt. excellent stuff you guys have put together here - very glad that I (finally) joined the team. Have a great day/eve. Derrick
    - Pop Up Banners
  • Hi Shane, thanks so much for SN305, also to the trader who first developed it. My balance is now positive, and I'm turning all systems off for the month. Up 9.1% this month. Bring on May! :)
    - IT

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